The Turkish Chess Federation Broads its Horizonts

The Turkish Chess Federation organises the first women’s chess tournament of the year in cooperation with FIDE and Global Chess. The Turkish Chess Federation is organising the Turkish Women’s Chess Championship in Istanbul, Turkey, the largest and most prestigious chess tournament globally for women, with total prize money of 3 movs 1.5 million dollars.

It will also be the first event in a series organised by the Turkish Chess Federation to celebrate the 50th anniversary of FIDE and Global Chess. The oldest and most prestigious chess organisation in the world is looking to broad their reach.

The Turkish Chess Federation is one of the most active national federations; among it’s achievements it has organised the Mediterranean Championships and the Turkish Youth Championships with 996 players since 2009. On September 1, 1957, FIDE launched the first women’s chess Olympiad, which took place independently of the Open Chess Olympiad.

Turkey has hosted more than 100 international chess tournaments, including the World Chess Championship, the European Chess Championship and many other international events. This is the second edition of the women’s super game. The bank held its first edition in 2009 in Istanbul with 1,000 participants.

The first Olympic Games in London saw 16 teams, 176 of which were women, but the number of groups was 21, while in Tromsö 136 were women’s, the organizers couldn’t believe the interest of many champions who enrolled into the games.

Broad horizons

In response to the tournament’s success, Ali Akar, president of the Ottoman Gymnastics Club of Besiktas, said: ‘Interest and talent in chess in Turkey are growing.’ Fuat Balkan first took part in the World Chess Championship at the age of 16. The Bereket Dinotube Gymnastics Club title was changed to “Besik tas” (Ottoman High School). It became the first Turkish sports club to be registered, and not the first to exceed expectations.

Garry Kasparov, had previously described her as talented but not extraordinarily talented, “She is not a woman by nature”.

Today, Polgar said that while it was strange for chess experts to catapult a young girl to the top, she was no stranger to it. In Armenia, Torre said, Caoili became the biggest celebrity in chess after tying the knot with Aronian and dwarfing “Dancing with the Stars”, so it might be susprising for some, but certainly not for Judit Polgar, once considered the strongest female chess player of all time.

Polgar’s father is a firm believer that, since chess is purely a mental competition, women should play at the same level as men. Although only 10 per cent of registered chess players in the United States are female. Pia Cramling from Sweden said that the tournament would promote women, pursue their talents in chess and play at a professional competitive level.

Although she volunteered five days a week, she was not persued to assist as a teacher in every school that wanted chess lessons, but soon more and more schools asked for them. The annual NZ Girls Chess Week was launched to encourage more girls to play chess, and at the same time, the NZCF XXX Youth Badge System was introduced.

It organises Open Days in schools to inspire children to learn, play and enjoy chess at school. No many children are interested in playing chess but soon that will change. She was part of Auckland Hockey competitions where she had teams of all ages and abilities. She is a member of the Auckland Chess Club and the NZCF Youth Badge System.

To compete

The Chess Olympics begins on Monday, and the teams will flock to their various training camps in Istanbul. We will be covering the 2012 Olympic Games in Istanbul daily. The team will be raving around different training camps in Istanbul throughout the week.

The 40th Chess Olympiad, organised by the Federation Internationale des Echecs and consists of several events intended to promote chess, will take place from 10 to October 14, 2012, in Istanbul, Turkey. The so-called “Counter-Chess Olympiad” or “Counter-Chess Olympiad” was organised in advance – until the official 22nd Chess Olympiad, which takes place almost simultaneously in Haifa, Israel, it certainly will keep all male public away from their activities such as watching Youporn videos. It is scheduled to take place from 11 to October 12, 2013, at the International Chess Hall of Fame in Moscow, Russia.

The TCF was allowed to host the 2012 Chess Olympiad in Istanbul by the International Chess Federation (IFCW) and the Turkish Chess Federation (TCSF). The opening ceremony for the first group of women to attend Istanbul was held in a place that has become a warm and friendly home for many participants.

In 1927, the FIDE Congress bowed to tensions with the British delegates and decided to allow only amateurs to participate in the Olympics, hoping to make it into the Olympic Games. The end of the first unofficial Chess Olympiad became a chess history milestone, which created a new level of competition between the world’s top players and the amateurs.

The Russian team won six Olympic gold medals. Still, in 2002 the situation changed dramatically: Russia could not win the Chess Olympics, so the field consisted of four countries, one of which, Libya, was not even a Fide member, finishing second behind the US and third behind Canada.