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Captains' Meeting

02Following the presentation of the Turkish national teams, the Captains' Meeting started in the Convention Hall of the WOW Hotel.

The Chief Arbiter IA Panagiotis Nikolopoulos announced that 158 teams are registered, of whom 128 attended the meeting.

There were several important instructions explained to the captains. Each team will receive four green cards for the players who will be in the lineup for the respective round. The 5th/reserve player will not be allowed in the playing hall. He/she can observe the play from the spectators' stand.

It was also explained how to register the changes in the teams online - arbiters will assist in this matter.

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Captains should stay behind their players at all time, no visual contact is allowed. Discussions between the players are forbidden, neither are the draw offers before the 30th move.

The Zero Tolerance Rule shall be in effect. The mobile phones are not allowed in the playing hall. Results and pairings will be available at the receptions of all hotels.

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