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Chess2012 - Iphone Application

iphone chess2012Dear Friends,

We have an iphone application developped for 40th Chess Olympiad in Istanbul, which is available in AppStore. Go and download it free and we will give you here details. Very soon Android version of that application will be available.

When you click the link : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/chess-2012/id553296652?ls=1&mt=8

you will go to Itunes and AppStore, then click on download and get the application free to your device (iphone or ipad)

itunes chess2012





















Functions of Application

1. Set up

when you install the application, and run it in your mobile device (iphone or ipad), you will be asked to choose language first, you may change it afterwards

IMG 0152
























2. Then you will go to menu, here you have different options

IMG 0153
























3. Results: You will see some results, in 40th Chess Olympiad we co-operate with http://chess-results.com thanks to Mr.Heinz Herzog that he made available for us many utilities of his technology for pairing in official site. Sure, the results at the moment is only for test aim.

IMG 0154























During the event you will be able to choose both categories to see the results.

4. News

In the news section you will see all news by last come first appears order. select any news and see the details. Also you may use page turning technology specificially developped for this application.

IMG 0155
























IMG 0157
























5. Schedule

You may see which day what kind of activity recorded in the schedule of event

IMG 0158
























6.  Photo Gallery

Sure there are only a few stock photos at the moment showing beauty of Istanbul. Very soon thousands of them will be washing your eyes...

IMG 0159
























7. Don't be lost!

İstanbul is a huge metropolitan city, 120 km diameter...

We thought you would like to see around, and f you want to come back to tournament hall, use this function of application safely. 

IMG 0160
























8. Last but not the least, is contact information...

click and send e-mail for related issues there

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